ooVoo – Video Chat and Video Conferencing [Skype Alternative]

Just came across another amazing video chat service, it’s an ooVooo - An online video conferencing applicationiChat-like video conferencing and chat service for Windows platform. It’s also an alternative to the very popular Skype but this is expected to beat Skype, as this amazing tool comes-up with useful and powerful tools and besides working as a chat service, it also works as a screen-sharing application!

ooVoo is one of the top award-winning Web 2.0 application with powerfully loaded features offering “group video conversations” with up to 6 ooVoo participants and other 6 phone participants! ooVoo is soon expected to beat Skype as it comes up with very innovative features which let you not only to place group video conversations and phone calls but it also lets you record and share that video conference with your friends!

ooVoo offers video conference

Here’s what ooVoo’s CEO says about Skype: [via ooVooBlog]

Skype recently announced a beta version of a multi-point video conferencing option. This option includes the ability to chat with five people at the same time. While still in beta, this offering poses a host of 87 bugs that currently do not have workarounds, according to release notes from Skype’s Garage blog.

But the fact that Skype is just now offering a beta version of this service begs the question: Where have you been, Skype? ooVoo is proud to offer affordable, easy-to-use video chat for consumer and business segments. Our one-to-one and group-chat options provide consistent and reliable quality as well as market-leading innovation. ooVoo has the experience to support our services and not bother our users with consistently occurring bugs.

ooVoo also offers video messaging to an email address or to another ooVoo account, you can also share your desktop and files to your friends and family. All in all ooVoo is a strong alternative to other VoIP and video conferencing software!

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4 Responses to “ooVoo – Video Chat and Video Conferencing [Skype Alternative]”

  1. Nathanbrasil Souza says:

    oi tudo bem com vc
    oovoo que legal bom vc

  2. Frank Miele says:

    Students and professors can get the academic version of ooVoo premium with 6-way video and desktop sharing for FREE for 12 months. No credit card is required, all you need to do is visit http://www.ooVoo.com/student and download from the button in the center of the screen.

  3. Brad Egelton says:

     ovoo’s bad..

  4. Janet Fung says:

    Another alterantive is GoMeetNow. The best part of GoMeetNow
    is you could purchase licenses on a daily base. For example, if you have a
    large meeting today, you could scale your licenses to 100 people. When you
    finish, you could switch back to 1. http://www.gomeetnow.com

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