If we talk about “Web Innovation”, and at the same time if weGoogle Voice name the “True Web Innovator” than according to my personal list [hope yours too] comes Google Inc on the top! Google, in the past few years, has brought some serious innovations to it’s popular Gmail Services which now includes a messaging service that can be used direct from your inbox. As CNET Tech-Experts had recently reported that Google will be making the next move and that will bring a true Revolution to the Web, as “Google is testing a Web-based service within Gmail that will allow users to place phone calls from their in-boxes.”And finally, it’s here! Google just a few days back introduced their latest and innovative VoIP Services that lets you to make VoIP calls to Gmail or Google Talk but at the same time you will also be able to make calls to landlines and cellular phones around the planet!

Now with Google Voice for Gmail you can call to any landline and cellular networks direct from your Gmail Inbox. Recently, Gizmodo also tested the services and reported about the quality of calls that were made using Gmail Voice Calling Services! Pricing plans have also been announced, the rates are insanely low! :) You can make calls starting as low as 2c/min! And the best part is, calling to any numbers in US and Canada is absolutely free of cost! Here’s a list of countries with 2c/min rates!


Google is also looking forward to set up booths in Airports, University Campuses and other places that will be using Google Voice Services! “How Google re-defined and innovated the Web?”