Protect Yourself from Spam with the Top 10 Disposable MailBox Services!

Before when I stepped into technology blogging, I was a business blogger. I used to offer direct “Contact Me” on my blog with my email address and my personal phone number. When I started growing on the web, I was getting around 200-250 spam emails dumped into my Inbox each day! It was really frustrating those days finding my important emails but finally I came across the perfect solution. They weren’t the Disposable Email Services but some easy tricks like converting your address text into image or typing the email address in this format: myname [at] gmail [dot] com. These ideas where pretty cool and worked for me! :)

It was terrible those days, what I did was; I changed my official contact details and made a list of my clients and updated them with all with the current contact details, finally I was done! But what I learned from this was, that there are thousands of Spam Bots crawling the web each n’ every day for stealing the open email addresses and then start bombarding them with unwanted offers and all the crap which we all hate!!

Well, for avoiding this, one of the best things which you can do is to make use of the Disposable or Temporary Email Services, they are very useful and the best part is, after doing your tasks you can easily trash them or they’ll expire after sometime!

Reasons for using a Disposable.Temporary Mailbox Service

I think that the temporary mailbox services are pretty cool! There are a number of advantages of using temporary mailbox: let’s take a look at the key ones!

  • You won’t get any spam!
  • Protects you from fraudulent stuff!
  • You won’t need to register for using the temporary email services!
  • Use it,  trash it or it expires after sometime leaving no trace behind – clever! 😀

Today I did some research and finally came across the Top 10 Temporary Mailbox services and I hope you guys will love them!

Top 10 Temporary/Disposable Mailbox Services

Here’s the top list for the temporary mailbox service that you’ll need to protect yourself:

#1 – MailExpire is one of the top temporary mailbox service, it’s free, smart, clean and powerful. This also gives you the power to select the expiring date!

#2. Mailinator comes on the 2nd position, for using this cool service you won’t need to register or sign-up, all you need to do is to choose a name and send an email to it, as soon as the Mailinator gets the email, your account is ready!

#3. 10MinuteMail is really cool, your account will expire in the next ten minutes and that leaves behind no trace even. And if you want to extend your expiry, just use their “10 more minutes” option and you’ll get a quick 10 minutes extension!

#4. is really cool, they recently replaced their email domains to [at]thankyou2010[dot]com. You’ll never need to register or setup a password, they’ll create your temporary address on the fly with no time!

#5. SpamSpot: Very easy to use, you won’t need to register!

#6. Spamex is more competitive, you can signup for a disposable email address for only $10/year, don’t worry you can use it for a 30 day free trail! :)

#7. GishPuppy is simple and the fastest way to create a temporary mailbox for you!

#8. requires sign-up and lets you email like it’s 1977!

#9. Spamgourmet – You will need to register an account for using their services – you will have this address!

#10. SpamMotel – You will have to signup for an account to take control of your email address!

That was the Top list which I created in the morning. If I have missed something, please share in your comments!

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  1. BOBwilson says:

    the new is also better

    it is worlds only no click disposable email site.

  2. Rick Fran says:

    Agreat articale,this is a Disposable email facility that we use the main reasons being its fast,free and very easy to use.

  3. anuraag says:

    nice indeed ..add some more to this

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