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Today, I’ll be posting about some web optimization tools and ways that can help you stay up-front in todays Extremely Competitive Internet market. For those of you who want to get started with their Internet business, things which you need to consider before stepping into this business is to do some research or analysis based on your needs or “Niche” that you are going to target!

domain appraisal tools

The best thing which you can do before getting serious in this business is to see, “Who your competitors are?“What are their strategies? and “What’s their market value?” Once you are done in your research, it’s time now to choose a perfect domain name for you! You have to carefully choose a domain name with greater Internet market value, now you guys might be wondering how to calculate site’s worth or value? That’s where the Domain Appraisal tools come into play! From personal point of view, these tools have been very helpful for me in my startups!

Understanding Domain Appraisal Tools

These tools are basically a smart way for your site valuation and help you figure out the accurate estimation of an Internet domain name. The domain appraisal tools look at different factors for a particular domain name, some value the site traffic, search engine listing or age. These tools can be very helpful for those people who are willing to buy domain names or to those who want to consider a site for ad-placement!

How the Domain Appraisal Tools work

The domain name valuation done by the appraisers is based on the follow key factors.

  • Age of the Domain Name: This is the top factors which the domain appraisers consider while weighing a domain.
  • Memorability: An easy to remember domain gets more value, appraisers also analyze the meanings, number of the words and the pronunciation of the domain.
  • Top Level Domain: The “dot com” are always considered as the top level domain names. But this doesn’t always come into play, so don’t worry!
  • Recent Traffic: Alexa traffic is also considered by the appraisers while valuation.
  • SEO and Popularity: This is one of the key factors that can even sometimes beat all the factors that are mentioned above, there are some of the domain names having funny names that don’t have any specific meanings i.e having a site value of $53,703 USD.

If you are a publisher, these are the tools which you must consider for optimizing your site!

Top 5 Domain Appraisal Tools

Here’s the top list for the domain appraisal or site valuation tools that I created today and I hope you guys will find them helpful. You can also add yours in the comments! 😀

#1. dnScoop: This is a very cool site valuation tool that you can use as publisher or Internet marketer. The key things which dnScoop considers are the search listings, recent traffic and age. The best thing about dnScoop is that it also tells the publishers that what amount they can charge for advertisements on their websites!

#2. This is the best tool that you can use as an advertiser or a publisher. It works as a serach engine that checks out every bit of a site for giving out the accurate value. It analyzes the keywords, SEO Score and ranking and stability for testing a site. You can also analyze your SEO score!

#3. LeapFish: It’s one of the best domain appraisal tools that you can use to weigh a site. The top factors which LeapFish considers are mostly the SEO and based on it’s smart programming gives you the most accurate valuation for a site!

#4. It uses almost the same algorithm for domain appraisal but the best thing about this site is that it also provides you tons of other tools which can help you perform different tasks. Other tools include; Whois, domain and keyword parser, bidding tools for advertisers, Trademark Analyzer and the innovative Domain Idea tool!

#5. CubeStat: Their valuation algorithm considers the daily page views, daily and monthly ads revenue, SEO and domain age. Besides weighing the site it also offers some other features!

These where the best domain appraisal tools that you can use for your research, I hope you guys liked all these.

Don’t forget to share yours here in the comments! :)

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  1. Chris says:

    I use Estibot all the time but was not aware of the other sites you mention. I will try them soon. And I just wanted to mention that there is some domain name appraisal scams going on that people need to be aware of. Do some searches and you should find many reports about it. The main thing you need to remember is that anyone selling a domain should NEVER, EVER pay for an appraisal because some seller says they are going to pay you thousands of dollars and all you need to do is get an appraisal first. If they tell you that, it is always a scam. Please tell others about this as there are many people that are losing money from this scam. Thanks!

  2. Rjones says:

    No way are these tools accurate

  3. Joshua says:

    Thank you so much. Your tools helped me realize some of my sites are more or less worthless..but some are worth much more than expected. Very cool!

  4. citizenship says:

    What is the value of pr3 domain?

  5. Romania says:


    dnScoop: (is hacked)

    LeapFish: (didnt work more.. is for sale)

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