Want to Buy Apple TV in Pakistan? Pricing and Other Details

So you want to buy Apple TV in Pakistan, the Apple TV is another innovation brought by Steve Jobs and his Cupertino based company, designed for the perfection with an ultra-portable size but the magic remains to be the best. Apple TV is definitely going to redefine user’s entertainment experience, now you can rent movies and TV shows in HD, stream your personal photos and music from your PC or Mac to your home-screen, I mean your TV!

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The Apple TV has got a cool and sexy design! :) Looks good in your hand and is 80% smaller in size when compared to it’s previous generation, Apple keeps resizing their products, the Apple TV is small, energy efficient and makes no sound while you play, the key things which made it squeez the design is, it has a built-in power-supply, operates without a fan so that you never hear any noise.

You can stream your photos to your home theater in HD. The Apple TV also lets you easily access the digital content on the web in HD, you can browse and watch videos from Youtube, stay connected with your favorite Podcasts and much more in HD quality!

Apple TV Price in Pakistan

You can buy Apple TV in Pakistan, it’s available at the authorized stores in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore etc at a price of Rs 15000. But if you shop online via Apple’s Online Store, you can get it at a cost of $100 approx.

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7 Responses to “Want to Buy Apple TV in Pakistan? Pricing and Other Details”

  1. Zub says:

    I am looking for Apple TV second generation (new black one), where can i get one

  2. MadXperts says:

    Hi Zub!

    Well, you can check out Apple’s Online Store for getting your Apple TV, or you may visit the nearest Apple Store/Retailer in your City!

  3. Zub says:

    Pac mac links in islamabad say they dont have new apple TV and apple hasnt declared any timelines for availability, do u know any other place.

    Thanks for your help

  4. Zub says:

    They certainly arent selling it for 15000/- its close to 26000/- for old one

  5. MadXperts says:

    Beliscity.com is the online store in Pakistan selling Apple stuff, you may check that out. They are selling the white Apple TV for Rs.23,000. Pricing remains to be a problem, I’d recommend you buying via Apple Store!

  6. MadXperts says:

    Yeah, that’s right! Apple products take too long reaching out to Pakistan, don’t have any idea for the availability – it will definitely take longer!

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