Best Online Resources to Get Free Kindle Books [TOP 5]

If you’ve been wondering how to get free Kindle Books for you? Than this post will show you the resources you can use to get your hands on the free Kindle Books.

Keeping in mind the readers, I just searched around for some of the finest Free Kindle Book Resources and fortunately I came across a few online resources which will help you getting Kindle Books for free.

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Top 5 Online Resources to Get Free Kindle Books

Here are the best Online Resources you can use to get free Kindle Books.

Project Gutenberg: This online resource comes top of the list offering 33,000 free e-books which come in different formats including HTML and the simple text for the Kindle.

Google e-Book Store: The Google e-Book Store is full of tons of free Kindle books, available formats include, HTML, PDF and scanned copies.

– Internet Archive: The Internet Archive is the best online source to get multiple langauge Kindle books.

ManyBooks.Net: The has a total of over 30,000 book titles, most of them have been taken from the Project Gutenberg. You can find great free Kindle books here.

LibriVox: That’s where you can find tons of cool and free Audiobooks.

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