Want Video Mirroring on Your iPad 1? There’s a Hack for it [GUIDE]

We know everything about the iPad 2, it has got two back and front cameras, thinner design and better performance but it has also got a very cool feature called “Video Mirroring”, it’s all because of Apple’s Digital AV Adapter. It lets you mirror any app running on your iPad 2 on your HD TV or a big screen with a few cables. So if you want to electrify your audience with your next presentations, make sure you activate video mirroring feature and prepare a monitor which supports HDMI or VGA. Once set, get ready to deliver an extraordinary presentation.

Activate Video Mirroring on iPad 1

Apple made this feature only for the iPad 2, but thanks to MacStories.net, they have found an application which lets you activate/enable video mirroring on iPad 1 with a jailbreak hack. About performance of video mirroring on iPad 1, well it won’t be as good as the iPad 2 but will be good enough if you want to show your audience some static objects. So let’s get started with the simple hack to bring video mirroring on your iPad 1.

Things You Will Need:

  • An iPad 1
  • Already jailbroken on iOS 4.3

Let’s Start the Jailbreak for Enabling Video Mirroring

  1. Navigate to the system/library/coreservices/springboard.app
  2. Download the K48AP.plist files in a folder on your computer.
  3. Add the string “display-mirroring boolean YES” – if done correctly, the file will look like the image below:
  4. Now upload the modified file (just created) to your iPad, and now restart your iPad 1.

Congrats! You are done. Start video mirroring using VGA or Digital AV Adapter.

If you’ve done the entire process completely, you will see your device performing video mirroring…

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4 Responses to “Want Video Mirroring on Your iPad 1? There’s a Hack for it [GUIDE]”

  1. water damage says:

    I just added this site to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!

  2. Trubluu51 says:

    Does this work on OS 4.2.1 as I cannot get snOwbreeze to crack the 4.3.ipsw file

    I have manually edited the K48AP.plist file as follows:

    device-name iPad display-mirroring displayport but I cannot get the iPad to display via my VGA connector

  3. Trubluu51 says:

    following on from last post (as it removed last paragraph!!)

    ive edited the K48AP.plist as above, but still cannot get my iPad 1 to display via my VGA connector  

  4. Warhamsta says:

    I am also in the same pickle. Followed the steps, rebooted, but no mirroring. Netflix shows just fine, but no joy on anything else. What gives?

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