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We all know about Facebook, the most addictive social networking service on the planet earth which recently reached the ‘750 million user landmark’ and now the founder of this multi-billion dollar company — Mr. Zuckerberg is waiting for the magical ‘1 billion users’. Twitter on the other hand, a micro-blogging social service, has also experienced a dramatic increase in it’s popularity over the past few years.

And in the same way, things associated to these social media services are also in demand. You people might also have seen Facebook or Twitter inspired blog themes and even third party Facebook and Twitter logo fonts available which are used for different purposes, mainly designs – by the users.

So today I’ll be sharing the downloads of Facebook logo font and the Twitter logo font. I hope you people will find them useful in your work.

Facebook Logo Font

For me, I find the Facebook logo font more cool and even I have used the Facebook font in my different designs. If you are looking forward to create logos with an inspiration to Zuckerberg’s ‘Facebook’, this font will help you create the Facebook logo designs but make sure you change the background colour to blue.

Download Facebook Logo Font

Twitter Logo Font

The Twitter logo font can be your perfect choice for designing t-shirts or if you want to create or print other designs. It’s available in two different patterns, black and blue. If you just take a look into the Twitter logo, it differs from the original font as it has been further photoshopped to acquire the current look.

Download Twitter Logo Font

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