3 Quick Methods to Block a Phone Number on iPhone

It’s really annoying to get rapid calls from unknown numbers or those whom you don’t want to talk with or have stopped for some reason and in worst cases you get calls from telemarketers talking about their new products or services which do not interest you. And the most annoying part is; they never stop calling you. It’s not just you who suffers, it’s everyone these days. But don’t worry, because in this post we are going to show you some really easy ways to help you block a phone number.

If you are an iPhone user, you don’t have to worry about the unwanted calls because we are going to show you some really smart methods to help you stop the unwanted calls or block a phone number right from your iPhone within a few minutes easily.

How to Block a Phone Number on the iPhone

You can easily block phone numbers and avoid unwanted calls on your iPhone using different methods and in this post I’m going to show you some real working tips to help keep your stress at bay by blocking the phone numbers you want.

Method #1: Using an iPhone App: iBlacklist

Apps are truly wonderful but iBlacklist has been specially designed to make your life easy, as it helps you putting a full stop to the unwanted calls by blocking any phone number on your iPhone. In addition to the call blocking, this smart app also lets you block or filter SMS and MMS, the user interface has been designed to help you get things done within a few taps. You can manage the contacts who can get to call you or not by simply editing the “Blacklists” and the “Whitelists”. You can also block the FaceTime calls from others whom you don’t wish to talk with.

iBlacklist app works only on jailbroken iPhones so make sure that you have already done it.

Follow the steps below to download iBlacklist on your iPhone to block unwanted calls, phone numbers or text on your iPhone :

  1. Before that we get started, the first thing you need to do is to turn your data connectivity on, this is required for accessing the download.
  2. Open “Cydia”.
  3. Once Cydia has loaded and running on your iPhone, now look for “Section” link and tap it. You will see a new window.
  4. Now from the new window, search for “Utilities” and tap it.
  5. Here you will find different apps, but you have to search for the “iBlacklist”, so scroll down and search this app.
  6. Once found, select and install iBlacklist on your iPhone.

That’s it you’re done now. After the installation of the app, the next thing you have to do is to open the app and tap on “Blacklist” and add the unwanted phone number you wish to block sending you texts or calling you on your iPhone.

In the main configuration, you can enable call blocking, SMS blocking and MMS blocking. Depending upon your needs, you may enable the type of blocking by simply switching it “ON” (as seen below).

Method #2: Carrier Solutions

In case you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone or you don’t want to use iBlacklist on your iPhone, you can still block phone numbers by using carrier solutions.

  • Verizon: If you’re using Verizon as your carrier, you can block phone numbers by logging into Your account => “My Services” => “Spam Control” and add the numbers you wish to block.
  • AT&T: For those using AT&T as their carrier, they can use Parental Controls service which allows the user to block phone numbers. Once a number has been blocked, you will no longer receive calls or text messages from it. For using “Parental Control” service, you will be required to pay $4.99/month.
  • And for those who are using Sprint & T-Mobile as their carrier, they can block all numbers which are not saved in their contacts by going into “Settings” => “Security” => “Others” => “Call Settings”, now that is where you will find the option to block unknown numbers on your iPhone. But it is not recommended, because this will block all the unknown numbers which is definitely not a good option. Go for the method #1 — “iBlacklist”.

Method #3: National DO NOT CALL Registry

For blocking telemarketers calling you on your iPhone, you can use a service (US Only) called “National Do Not Call Registry” which allows you to block telemarketers from calling you permanently and it is a legal method which means once you have registered, you will never get calls from them.

For using this service, register your cellphone number online by visiting National Do Not Call Registry. Once you have registered, you will stop getting calls from the telemarketers after 31 days.

Here’s something interesting about this service:

Telemarketers who call a consumer registered on National Do Not Call Registry can be fined upto $11,000 per incident! [via HowCast]

So now that means, once you have registered and a telemarketer calls you, it will be considered as  ‘illegal’, and this is thus proven that you will never get unwanted phone calls from the telemarketers in the future. Cheers!

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