So you think that you have a strong addiction to Angry Birds and wondering how to help yourself stop playing it? Well, you are just another crazy fan of this seriously addictive game which started off as an iPhone based game but now it is found every where, you can now also download Angry Birds for Windows PC and enjoy the latest versions which also include Angry Birds: Rio Game.

Heres an interesting note on Angry Birds Addiction:

Angry Birds addiction happens quickly. One minute, you’re downloading the game your friend recommended to your smartphone or tablet, and before you know it, you can’t stop playing. My co-founder at AYTM, David Handel, admits he suffers from the “Angry Birds Addiction Syndrome,” even going to the extreme of deleting the game from his iPhone after the first bout of addiction set in. A few weeks later, he gave into temptation and reinstalled it, even buying it a second time for another device! As addicts ourselves, we decided it was time to dig deeper. AYTM conducted some research to learn more about the Angry Birds addiction phenomenon, and what we learned surprised and amazed us. It turns out David is not alone in his struggle.

You must have thought once that why cant I stop playing this game? or am I addicted to Angry Birds? Ask Your Target Market aka AYTM — an expert market researcher — has made an excellent report after consulting to some of the psychologists to know more about this addiction and after intensive research, this disease has been identified as “Angry Birds Addiction Syndrome”. And now they have finally come-up with an excellent infographic which explains this addiction in detail, check this out!

Today Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, has been reported to be valued at $1 billion. Angry Birds turned out to be a great success for the company and they have earned much higher figures in revenues this time and its growing day by day.