When the Cupertino giant, Apple Inc released iPhone 4S, for the first time in history Apple fans and people around the world came across a product which was not just about better connectivity and improved design but it completely changed the way people interact with their phones. Apple came up with something new, innovative and better. They brought life to artificial intelligence by developing a personal assistant for the iPhone 4S, today known as Siri.

With the release of Siri, Apple again left all its competitors in dust and Siri turned out to be a great success for Apple. People love Siri because it makes them feel that as if they are talking to a real human being, more like a friend who is smart and sometimes really funny.

Siri is not Apples own creation, the tech-giant purchased Siri and with the help of some extraordinary genius minds they took this technology to the next level and engineered it in the soul of the iPhone and brought a personal assistant experience to the users. Even though Google pioneered voice commands and recognition technology but Siri knocked out all voice-controlled technologies.

According to a recent report, the search giant Google is currently working on its next project which is reportedly called Siris next competitor and is named after the late Majel Barrett-Roddenberry as Majel for Android. Further details also suggest that Google engineers are working harder to bring something which could compete Siri in future and it is also believed that the company is looking forward to release Majel for Android by the end of this year.

For those who dont know, Majel was the computer voice in Star Trek: Generations, which seems a pretty cool idea. Other details include that Majels first release will only help users perform simple Google search queries and the company would add other features such as controlling phone actions and apps later after the release, says Taylor Wimberly from AndroidAndMe.

We all have previously seen third parties attempting to copy Siri for the Android platform but nothing has seemed to work for them. And we here at MadXperts believe that with the unveiling of Siri, the world has certainly entered into a new world of technology where voice recognition powered with artificial intelligence lets human beings to control everything with their speech.

Majel for Android has no official details but one thing is for sure, it will be out the next year. So lets hope that Google comes up with something which is useful and innovative.

Will Majel for Android be good enough to beat Siri? What do you think