Here’s How You Can Improve Responsiveness Of Your iPhone’s Home Button

I have seen most of my friends and other iPhone users complaining but their Home Button to be slow and unresponsive, so I did a search today and came across a really cool working trick. The guys working at iDB have discovered a smart way to enhance the iPhone Home button’s responsiveness and it takes just a few minutes.

As far as the reason is concerned, it’s not about the hardware, the problem occurs because of the software and we have seen many of the users who applied the trick actually found that their Home button got better in terms of responsiveness.

Jeff from iDB has discovered the trick and according to him, this works by simple “recalibration” of your iPhone’s home button which brings instant results by fixing the issue.

Follow the simple steps below and in the end hopefully you will experience a better and faster response from your iPhone’s home button.

How To Make Your iPhone’s Home Button More Responsive

Step 1: Open a stock app, like Weather or Stocks.

Step 2: Press and hold your power button until “slide to power off” appears and release.

Step 3: Press and hold your Home button until the “slide to power off” goes away, and the app force quits. Your iPhone’s Home button should now be more responsive, because it has been recalibrated.

Well, this worked for me. Let me know about yours.

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