20 Awesome Cool Windows 7 Themes For Kids [Win 8 Compatible]

Looking for some cool Windows 7 themes for your kids? Well, today we are going to share some really awesome themes you can use on your kid’s computer. For parents, it will be a wise decision to help kids install “good” themes/apps. Windows 7 gives parents the authority to set measures and control the online content that is accessed by children.

Kung Fu Panada 2 Screen
Windows 7 has been one of the best operating systems we have ever had for personal computing and with Windows 8, Microsoft changed everything!

Kids can master windows 7 or 8 by using it more frequently; parents can leverage their pace of learning by providing them educational games and applications. We here at MadXperts have tried this for ourselves and it works great!

In this post we have compiled a list of Widows 7 themes for kids which are also Windows 8 compatible. The list includes themes from animation movies; Kung Fu Panda 2, Harry Potter, Megamind, Puss In Boots, Rio Movie and Shrek Forever After etc. We hope your kids will like using them.

Before jumping to our themes section, here are a few things the not-so-tech-savvy-parents need to know:

  • What is a theme(s)?

Answer: A theme is basically a combination of pictures, sounds and windows colors used on a computer’s desktop. You can add more themes to your Windows 7 by: Right click > Personalize > (scroll down) click: “Get more themes online”.

  • How to Install themes on Windows 7/8?

Answer: Well, it’s really easy! Once you have downloaded your desired theme, double click open the .themepack file. Windows will automatically install and implement the theme. You can check out all background pictures by: Right click > click Next background.

Note: You can install and use these .themefiles on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. 

Check out our collection of some really cool Windows 7 themes for kids after the jump:

20 Awesome Cool Windows 7 Themes For Kids

Here’s the list of our Top 20 Windows 7 Themes for Kids that we would like to suggest parents, you can also use these themes on Windows 8.

Start downloading your favorite theme by clicking on “download” link. These files are being hosted by Microsoft.


1. Kung Fu Panda 2 Theme  [Download]

[Background Images: 9 | File Size: 12.9 MB]

Kung Fu Panda 2 Photos


 2. Megamind Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 9 | File Size: 7.6 MB]

Megamind Theme


3. Rio Movie Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 6 | File Size: 5.6 MB]

Rio Movie Theme for Windows 7 /8


4. Shrek Forever After Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 16 | File Size: 11.4 MB]

Shrek Forever After Theme

5. Puss In Boots Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 5 | File Size: 3.8 MB]

Puss In Boots Theme for Windows 7/8


6. Harry Potter Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 6 | File Size: 4.6 MB]

Harry Potter Theme


7. Avatar Movie Theme for Windows 7/8 [Download]

[Background Images: 7 | File Size: 10.6 MB]

Avatar Movie Theme for Windows 7/8


8. Rango Movie Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 7 | File Size: 5.4 MB]

Rango Theme for Windows 7/8


9. Transformer 3 Theme for Windows 7/8 [Download]

[Background Images: 10 | File Size: 9.3 MB]

Transformer 3 Theme for Windows 7/8


10. Angry Birds Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 6 | File Size: 2.6 MB]

Angry birds Theme for Windows


11. Fruit Ninja Theme [Download]

[Background Image: 5 | File Size: 8.2 MB]

Fruit Ninja Theme


12. Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 18 | File Size: 9.2 MB]

Kinect:Disneyland Adventures Theme


13. Rush Animated Movie Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 14 | File Size: 6.9 MB]

Rush Animated Movie Theme



14. Cute Bunny Themes for Windows 7/8 [Download]

[Background Images: 5 | File Size: 2.9 MB]


Can you handle this level of cuteness? Can you? If so, invite these bunnies to frolic on your desktop in this free Windows theme.

Cute Bunny Themes for Windows 7/8


15. Snow Men Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 8 | File Size: 7.2 MB]

Snow Men Theme for Windows 7/8


16. Twinkle Wish Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 6 | File Size: 10.1 MB]

Twinkle Wish Theme


 17. Cats Anytime Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 10 | File Size: 6.5 MB]

Cats Anytime Theme for Windows


18. Dogs In Winter Theme for Windows 7/8 [Download]

[Background Images: 10 | File Size: 5.8 MB]

Dogs in Winter Theme for Windows



19. Chocolate Theme [Download]

If your kids like chocolate, this theme will be helpful in decorating their desktop background with beautiful and delicious chocolates. :)

[Background Images: 10 | File Size: 6.2 MB]

Chocolate Theme for Windows 7/8


20. Amazing Spiderman Theme [Download]

[Background Images: 10 | File Size: 20.3]

The Amazing Spider Man Theme


That’s it! We hope your kids will love these Windows 7 themes. We think they are awesome. Let us know what you think and in case you want to suggest your favorite themes, post links in comment section.


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