Are you a pre-med student? Do you want the best iPhone apps for your MCAT prep? Well, then you have come to the right place! Today in this article we are going to share with you some of the top MCAT apps for iPhone/iPad and our team hopes that the students will find them useful while preparing for their tests.


Did you know? Harvard Medical School’s class of 2008 had students from 34 states and 13 different countries.

For those who don’t know Medical College Admission Test aka MCAT is a paper or computer-based standardized examination conducted by medical schools across the world. This is one of the major hurdles experienced by a pre-medical student while preparing to reserve a seat in his/her dream medical school. MCAT is basically designed to test student’s ability of application of scientific knowledge, problem solving and critical thinking.

Benefits of Using an MCAT App on iPhone

Technology is evolving rapidly and so making our lives easier day by day. The best thing about Apple’s iPhone is: this device has got apps for everyone no matter if you are a student, doctor or an engineer… You name it and this extraordinary device has got something to amaze you.

Practicing questions while preparing for MCAT is very important. Because we all know practice makes perfect. So having an MCAT app on your iPhone/iPad makes you not only more productive but also it helps you strengthen your preparation for the test day. You can use the MCAT apps on the move or while you are on bed.

After a few days of research and testing our team has finally come-up with a list of top 5 MCAT apps for iPhone and iPad. We hope that you will love them! :)

Top MCAT Apps for iPhone/iPad

So here’s our list of top MCAT apps for iPhone and iPad. We hope these apps will strengthen your MCAT prep and make your days more productive.

1. MCAT Once A Day

Remember the cool website? Well, the developers have now come-up with this awesome app which lets you master MCAT by practicing questions regularly. The app also allows the students to track their performance by using “My Stats” tool.


My friends used this app while they were preparing for their MCAT test, they reported a few problems in Smart Study feature. But in the latest updated, all previous crashes and bugs have been fixed and now you can use our top-of-the-list MCAT app without worrying. MCAT Once A Day is absolutely free!

2. McGraw-Hill’s MCAT Exam Prep: Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics

This is a highly organized MCAT app as it offers in-depth information on very important test topics. You can use this app to strengthen your knowledge base on key subjects which include Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics. This MCAT app is available both on iPhone and iPad, it comes with two version; free n’ paid. With free version, you can access detailed explanations on each topic of all subjects and in-addition you can also use standardized questions for practicing.


With paid version you can access an expandable library of questions and MCAT flashcards. You will also find:

  • 500 MCAT questions organized by subject
  • Detailed solutions to every problem given in the answer key
  • Expert coverage for topics covered by the MCAT
  • 600 Flashcards based on critical data in all four MCAT subjects

3. Kaplan Flashcards: Kaplan National Practice Test

We all know Kaplan for its popular and awesome MCAT prep books, they are a leader in MCAT publications worldwide. MCAT Flashcards for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch comes with a lot of new features and standardized questions to test your level of preparation. Flashcards have really been a fun way of learning and exploring new ideas. This app comes with 200 frequently tested concepts of Biology, Physics, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. You can create customized card sets and also track your performance.


We highly recommend Kaplan MCAT Flash Cards app. It’s free, so get it right away!

4. MCAT Biology

Designed and developed by Educare Education Inc, MCAT Biology is really an amazing MCAT prep app that you must have on your iOS device. This app (as seen on the iTunes page) has been featured by a number of famous online blogs/publications. MCAT Biology has been created using the latest “Adaptive Learning Technology” which not only enhances your productivity but also slashes time taken to learn a topic.


This app comes-up with a number of cool features which include Flashcards, Quiz sections, performance statistics, access to blogs focused on MCAT and social media integration.

Here are a few more details:

  • More than 1000 MCAT terms in the form of Flash Cards.
  • Each word consists of its meaning and/or definition.
  • Quiz yourself with the terms you learnt from flash cards to see if you memorized.
  • Keeps track of the words/terms you have mastered.
  • Keeps track of the words/terms you haven’t mastered so that you can work on them more.
  • Everyday statistics show you the number of words/terms you got correct and incorrect.
  • Share your everyday Quiz results with your friends on facebook and twitter to compete with them.
  • Access to our award winning blog articles on tips and advice for college students right on your mobile device.

5. MCAT + (Plus)

MCAT Plus app is a free app available both on iPhone and iPad. Despite of having no charges at all, this application offers the most organized and comprehensive review and practice material for all major MCAT subjects. The developers have created this app using Nova Press’s Classic MCAT edition.

The application offers detailed knowledge on Physics, Bio and Chem. It also comes-up with great number of “real” MCAT style questions to advance your prep and if in case you come across difficulties, you can tap on explanations button to read about the answer.


MCAT + is the only MCAT app to offer a discussion board to its users where they can interact with fellow users, ask or answer questions and discuss other important things. This free app has great potential and we recommend you installing it on your iOS device.

Arcadia Prep’s MCAT + also offers:

  • Easy-to-navigate chapters and pages
  • Multiple choice practice sets
  • Scratch pad with Pen Tools
  • Bookmark so you can come back to challenging problems
  • Timer to help you pace yourself
  • Scoring matrix to see how you do
  • Discussion Board in case you want to discuss with others

Okay, so this marks the end of our list of top MCAT apps for iPhone and iPad. We hope that these apps will prove to be productive for your test preparation. If you have used an MCAT app before and you think that it should be on our list then do let us know. You may add your suggestions to the comment box below, we will update our listing after testing and reviewing it.