Googles Response To Siri: Majel For Android


When the Cupertino giant, Apple Inc released iPhone 4S, for the first time in history Apple fans and people around the world came across a product which was not just about better connectivity and improved design but it completely changed the way people interact with their phones. Apple came up with something new, innovative and better. They brought life to artificial intelligence by developing a personal assistant for the iPhone.. Read More

Are You Suffering From “Angry Birds Addiction Syndrome”? Here’s Help [INFOGRAPHIC]

Angry Birds

So you think that you have a strong addiction to Angry Birds and wondering how to help yourself stop playing it? Well, you are just another crazy fan of this seriously addictive game which started off as an iPhone based game but now it is found every where, you can now also download Angry Birds for Windows PC and enjoy the latest versions which also include Angry Birds: Rio Game… Read More

iOS 5 to Come in Action In: Apples iPad 2 Media Event

iOS 5 Preview

So we are finally back after a very long time. Sorry for being inactive as we were working on a crucial project of our academics but now MadXperts is back again, fully untethered! The first thing which I wanted to cover is, extremely exciting for the Apple lovers and customers, its about the Apples plan to preview the very anticipated and exciting new iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPad and.. Read More